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Design SizesPersonalized Design:


A leaflet must grab the recipient's attention, make them interested in the product or service, and finally induce some action, whether that's phoning a number, visiting a website, or placing an order. Many people collect their leaflets from the letterbox and head straight for the bin. In the time it takes for them to walk there your leaflet needs to grab their attention!


At AUSPROMO, we understand that choosing the right design for your promotional materials will determine the success of your letterbox marketing campaign.


The golden rules of designing are simple:



We have a team of professional designers who can assist you to design a flyer that would best suit your particular type of business - as well as one that is both cost effective & attractive to your targeted market.


Do you need?


• Leaflets • Flyers • Brochures • Newsletters • Takeaway Menus / Restaurant Menus
• Business Cards • Business Stationery • With Compliments Slips • Letterheads • Envelopes
• Presentation Folders • Stickers • Posters • Personalized Note Pads • Invoice books

Create a Marketing Campaign:


Auspromo can assist you with a marketing plan which involves distributing a fixed number of flyers on a regular time, eg weekly or monthly - to specific distribution areas, with a choice of as many or as little suburbs as you choose. The advantage of this option is to allow our customers to obtain the discounted rate on the cost of bulk printing and paying for the distributions as they are delivered one area at a time.


Some factors we take into consideration when developing your marketing plan:


  • Which distribution areas do you want to cover?
  • What is an appropriate time-frame in which to distribute to these areas so as to get customers familiar with your business?
  • Over what frequency period do we distribute your flyers – i.e.: Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly?
  • What flyer design should we use – i.e.: 1 color, 2 color or Full color?
  • What size pamphlet should we use – i.e.: A3 folded, A4 folded, A5, A6 or DL?
  • Are we able to do one bulk print run for you to save on printing costs?
  • Would you like your flyers to be distributed all at once or a set number of flyers per week, resulting in separate invoices for each distribution, to aid in cashflow?


Once we have taken all these factors into consideration and provided you with an appropriate quote, we can then put together a Distribution plan for your leaflets that will enable you to have the best possible chance of building your business.